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Job execution environment

When submitting your job to SLURM using sbatch, your entire environment gets copied, including the currently loaded modules. On COSMOS, when hitting sbatch:


Make sure that the loaded modules and any environment variable you may have set will not be in conflict with the environment expected by the job script

Compiler modules

On COSMOS software modules are arranged in a hierarchical module naming scheme. Accessing software on COSMOS very different from earlier LUNARC systems and a separate guide is available. When compiling code using a toolchain module is recommended.

SLURM variables

To come

SNIC variables

The SNIC meta-centres had agreed on a set of environment variables that should improve the portability of (parts of) job-scripts between SNIC sites. On COSMOS the following variables are set by the system:

Environment variable Explanation Value on COSMOS
SNIC_TMP Directory for best performance during a job. At LUNARC: Local disk on nodes for storing temporary data during job execution. Transfer data with long-term value to permanent storage before job has finished jobid dependent

Author: (LUNARC)

Last Updated: 2022-07-27