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Frequently asked questions - Jobs

What is the maximum job time on LUNARC resources?

We allow batch jobs to ask for up to 168 hours, which is 7 days.

How do I use a Lund University project

When using a Lund University project (LU project), you have to specify the project name, the partition and in some cases a reservation. This is explained in our batch system guide.

I want to use the COSMOS GPU nodes

To access the COSMOS GPU nodes, you need to be a member of an LU local project. Please review our batch system guide for the required modification to your submission script. The software guide provides an overview on Compiler, Cuda and MPI support for the GPU nodes.

Can I prevent my job from restarting in case of a node failure

By default the SLURM job scheduler restarts jobs in case of e.g. a failing node. This is not always desirable. Adding a line

#SBATCH --no-requeue
to the header portion of your job script prevents this behaviour.

Authors: Joachim Hein (LUNARC) Rebecca Pitts (LUNARC)

Last Updated: 2022-08-31