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Frequently asked questions - Files

I accidentally deleted or modified a file

For the home space on COSMOS, we have snapshots enabled. If you type ls .snapshots at the commandline in the current directory you get to see a number of diretories named like @-2020.12.11-00.00.35, which stands for the date and time of the snapshot. Change into the directory specifying a point of time before the accident, e.g.:

cd .snapshots/@-2020.12.11-00.00.35
and you get presented with the state of the directory and it's sub-directories at that time-stamp. You can copy the required contents out of the snapshot directory into your current directory.

I can't access my MAX-IV files on LUNARC resources

If your MAX-IV project (i.e., "proposal" in MAX-IV terms) files are not already accessible under /projects/, then send a ticket to LUNARC via SUPR to request it. Mention the project name and, if possible, the UNIX Group name and GID.

Note that when MAX-IV project files are made accessible on LUNARC resources, access is only possible from frontends, i.e., they are not accessible from compute nodes. Before starting a job, please copy the files from /projects/ to your home directory, then modify the job to use the copies in your home directory before submitting it.

Author: Joachim Hein (LUNARC)
Nicolas Melot (LUNARC)

Last Updated: 2022-11-01