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Frequently asked questions - Login

I have forgotten my login password

To receive a new password, please visit the password self service portal at the link below:

Password self service portal

Identify yourself with your email address and the mobile phone you have registered in SUPR. If this fails, phone LUNARC support on +46 (0)46-222 4454 from your registered mobile phone. Additional questions will be asked to verify your identity.

I can not login after installing a pocket pass token

Many users have issues because of missing the activation step. To activate your token, connect to the OTP self-service portal, go into "tokens", choose "activate" and follow the instructions.

I have persistent problems connecting after being prompted for my One Time Password (OTP)

If you have persistent problems with connecting to LUNARC service after being prompted for my password and pocket pass password, it my be that your pocket pass token has expired. Please check the expiration status of your pocket pass token and create a new token if the old token has expired.

I do not get prompted for an One Time Password (OTP) after entering a password

Please make sure you entered the correct password. If you are unsure, you can reset your password in the Password self service portal. If the problem pesists you may need to create a new pocket pass token on your mobile device. Please visit the OTP self-service portal.

Could your send my one time password for pocket pass activation to my new mobile phone number?

Please enter the new phone number into SUPR and raise a support request to update our internal database for this change.

Author: Joachim Hein (LUNARC)

Last Updated: 2023-02-16