Installing, setting up and using the Pocket Pass authenticator

The process to install and set up the Pocket Pass authenticator is in five (5) steps, it is important that ALL steps are performed correctly so PLEASE read the instructions carefully.

STEP 1: Download and install Pocket Pass

Download and install the PhenixID Pocket Pass app on your smartphone. The correct app is free of charge.

Download for Apple iOS

Download for Android OS

STEP 2: Accessing the self-service portal

Activation of the Pocket Pass app is done via a web-based activation portal. Activation can be done in any web browser from any computer. The link to the activation portal is

STEP 3: Token activation

The self service portal will show the following login screen:

sample screen

Enter your normal LUNARC credentials. If all is OK you will receive a SMS with a OTP token to the phone number registered in our system. The next screen will display:

sample screen

The next screen will display a GENERAL tab with user information and a TOKENS tab. Click on the TOKENS tab. This will display a button Activate PhenixID Pocket Pass.

sample screen

Click on the button to begin the process of adding a authenticator token. In the shown dialog enter a descriptive name for your token that will be displayed in your device.

sample screen

Click next to continue. This will display a QR-code, which you have to scan with the Pocket Pass app on your smartphone in the next step. Make sure no-one can scan your QR-code and compromise your security

sample screen

STEP 4: Install the token on your smart phone

Make sure the Pocket Pass app can access the camera of your smart phone. Open the Pocket Pass app and click Install key

sample screen

Click on the Scan barcode

sample screen

Point your camera on the QR-code shown inside the HPC desktop on your desktop/laptop computer. The app should detect the code and install the key automatically.

In the next step the app asks you for a pin-code to protect your key. Enter your pin-code.

sample screen

When this is done the following screen should be shown:

sample screen

Click continue to display the current valid otp-code.

sample screen

STEP 5: Important last step: Activate your token

Go back to the self-service portal and click "next". You will then be prompted for an otp to finalize the activation. You will get this otp from the pocket-pass application and will NOT be sent a text-message.

Your token will expire in two year's time.


You can now login to the LUNARC systems using the Pocket Pass app. Your telephone will not receive an SMS when connecting to a Lunarc system. Having entered your password you will be prompted to enter your Pocket Pass OTP when logging in.

Your token will expire in two year's time and you will have to create a new one.

Checking the validity of your token

You can check the validity, in particular the expiration state, of your pocket pass token inside the self-service portal. Use

  • your Aurora password (Not your SUPR password)
  • the one-time-password sent by text message to your mobile (Not from the Pocket Pass app)

when following steps 2 and 3 mentioned above to access the self-service portal. Please check the Aurora FAQ if you need to update your mobile phone number.

Inside the self-service portal, go to the TOKENS tab. You will see your tokens. Klicking on More will reveal the relevant dates for your token:

sample screen

If your token has expired, please go through steps 3 to 5 to create a new token. Please do not forget step 5. Newly created tokens will expire after two years.